Fused Glass Panels

A bit about making handcrafted glass panels...

Having a background in animation, I am fascinated by the expressions animals convey through their faces and body stance. Each glass panel is individually handcrafted and involves multiple firings.I first make the subject: a bird, or fish, or other image. This usually involves working up to three firings in the kiln. Once the image is where I want it to be, it is tack fused to the background. Each panel made takes between three to five firings in the kiln before the final panel is complete. These fused glass panels can be displayed on a stand and using a miniature back light, you can illuminate the image through the glass. This is a perfect option for displaying the beauty of the piece on a table or desk. 
You have the option to display a fused glass panel with a customized, hand made metal stand with a tea-light shelf for illuminating the work, or I can also make them with permanent fixings that can then be hung in a window. natural light travels through the glass panels, the image becomes luminous and quite beautiful.

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  1. Alison avatar
    Alison Jan 19, 2017

    Hello Martin,

    Are your glass panels for sale? They are so lovely.