2-Day Mosaic Workshop with Martin Cheek

Martin Cheek has pioneered the use of hand made glass fusions in the making of creating a mosaic.  He is a master of this process and will have on hand, hundreds of fused glass pieces to choose from that you can experiment with in your own creations during this workshop.

Participants will think about what it IS they would like to make a mosaic of and bring with them to the workshop this inspirational reference (photo, a picture, image, etc).  During the workshop we will be working with various materials including stained glass, smalti, vitreous glass, millefiori, and Martin’s own hand made fusions to create pieces full of texture, dimension, originality and color.  Using examples of Martin’s own work, he will show you how the various materials affect your finished piece. 

No matter what your experience is with mosaic art, Martin addresses each student at his or her level of experience from beginner to beyond.  

The course will be lots of hands on work creating mosaic pieces, practical demonstrations, slide-show presentations, and individual instruction, all of which are aimed to ensure that each student learns the art of creating mosaics and learns more about their own creative, personal style.

Glass cutting, shaping techniques and design elements and techniques will be covered.  We will be working with 2 size substrates: 12 x 12 inches and 16 x 12 inches to work on over the course of the workshop.

Students will bring their own image design or inspirational reference and during the workshop, work on this mosaic incorporating Martin’s original handmade glass fusions plus some combination of any or all of traditional glass elements such as smalti, vitreous glass, millefiore, and/or stained glass.

About Martin

Martin Cheek has been creating mosaics professionally for 30 years and has shared his expertise in six best-selling books on this subject.

With a degree in graphic design from Exeter College of Art & Design in the United Kingdom, Martin went on to work in the film industry as an animator where he set up his own production company, Cheeky Films Ltd.

He has worked on award winning films and puppet animation projects including The Wind in the Willows, Paddington Bear, Noddy in Toyland, and Portland Bill.

As a full time professional mosaic artist, Martin spends his time working on commissioned projects for both private and corporate clients that include museums, schools, parks, and hospitals.  Martin teaches workshops throughout the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Martin’s latest book, Fused Glass Mosaics, is a good illustration of  the exciting medium of using fused glass mosaics. The text is a rich bestowment of Martin’s detail to order, his passion and humor, and his you-can-do-it encouragement. This book serves as an art course in mosaics, whereby each chapter offers a different stylistic challenge. In fulfilling these projects, the reader will develop their own individual style.

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