The  P e a c o c k

Admire my plumage
Iridescent blue and green
Quite the best you've ever seen
Watch me strut and watch me preen.
by Mike Jones

If you have read my recent newsletter you will see that it was dedicated to the images of the peacock.  It is one of my favorite birds to make. The medium of glass provides unlimited possibilities in creating various versions of colorful feathers. I use primarily fused glass when I am creating the glorious feathered fan tail. 

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  1. Ann McCarthy avatar
    Ann McCarthy Mar 5, 2016

    Hi Martin,

    I did your mosaic course a few years ago and have been doing mosaics since.

    I still have a lot to learn and I keep at it. We recently re-did three bathrooms in our house and Im incorporating mosaics into each one. One completed- 4 to go.

    I’m very excited about how they will look.

    Ever since I came to your workshop I have been really interested in the glass fusion pieces you make. I have wanted to do some myself to use in my designs but don’t have a clue how to make them.

    You have a 5 day workshop for mosaic and glass fusion and a 2 day glass fusion workshop.

    I am still very much a beginner in mosaics and haven’t had any experience at all in glass fusion.

    Would you advice me to book on the two day glass fusion course first or just go straight into the 5 day course of both?

    Kind Regards Ann

  2. Karon Fensome avatar
    Karon Fensome Mar 19, 2016

    Hello Martin, Some years ago I came to you’re lovely home in broadstairs and did one of you’re mosaic courses which I enjoyed so so much. I just wondered if you still offer weekend courses and in what subjects as my partner and I would be interested regards Karon Fensome

  3. Jacqueline Jeynes avatar
    Jacqueline Jeynes Jun 3, 2016

    due to join your class in Aberystwyth 5th July as a complete novice to mosaic (do lots of other arty bits) and would love to be kept up to date with courses you run anywhere. Love the peacocks1

  4. Mary avatar
    Mary Jun 10, 2016

    Mailing list registration. Please

  5. Susan Hatfield avatar
    Susan Hatfield Jul 12, 2016

    Would like to receive your newsletter

  6. Susan Hatfiel avatar
    Susan Hatfiel Jul 12, 2016

    Would like to,receive your newsletter

  7. Joanna Foreman avatar
    Joanna Foreman Jul 27, 2016

    Hello Martin,
    A friend sent me your info and said she thought I would be interested in your craft.
    Please can you send me details of your workshops together with cost?
    Many thanks.

  8. Jim & Linda Donnelly avatar
    Jim & Linda Donnelly Sep 16, 2016

    I wanted enquire about your March 2017 workshops in Nanaimo B.C.  , and how to register, dates, costs, etc.. Perhaps this has to be arranged through Cheeky Monkey?
    Best Regards, Jim & Linda

  9. Patricia avatar
    Patricia Dec 8, 2016

    Mailing list registration please

  10. handmade mosaic avatar
    handmade mosaic Dec 19, 2016

    Really great work!
    I dont know why i haven`t found your works yet. Your peacocks are astounding!
    Fascinating handmade mosaic tiles

  11. Susan thacker avatar
    Susan thacker Oct 28, 2017

    I went on a mosaic day course in penarth a few years back now and have been mosaicing ever since in a slightly haphazard mainly self-taught way. Have got a huge amount to learn. Interested in your courses and would like to receive your newsletter please. Thanks. Susan

  12. Lori Polanco avatar
    Lori Polanco Nov 9, 2017

    I am a mosaic artist living in San Juan Cosala, Mexico, a village west of Ajijic. I am interested in taking your mosaic/fused glass class in March 2018. Please put me on the list and keep me updated as to when the class will be held and the price for the cost of the the class. Thank you!

  13. Karen avatar
    Karen Jan 30, 2018

    Your link to register does not work. It asks one to sign into Facebook, and then states it cannot be found or one is not allowed to view page.

  14. Sylvanye “Sam” Roh avatar

    Looking forward to taking your workshop w/ Ms Betty in TN come Narch.

  15. Pat Rowe avatar
    Pat Rowe Feb 13, 2018

    Dear Mr Cheek, I wonder if you can help with my search for a full size image of one of the mosaics featured in your book Design Sourcebook Mosaics.
    I have searched in vain on the internet for the location or an image of Wild Birds on West Tarbert Loch by Marjorie Knowles, 1990.
    The only mosaic works of hers which come up are the pieces she made for the ‘Orient Express’ and your book does not say where this mosaic was installed.
    If you have any further information it would be very helpful.
    Thank you, Pat Rowe

  16. Ea Movang avatar
    Ea Movang Mar 31, 2018 - I wrote to u on this side, but Sandra told me, that u have not seen my “notes “ - why ?  - I want to go to Sicily this year.    Ea